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About Us

Sunder opened with one mission in mind: to meet the growing need of building supplies in the booming city of Calgary, AB. We have a 14,000 square feet warehouse and a team of boom trucks to always have inventory and be able to deliver in time-constrained situations.

Sunder is one of Canada’s leading suppliers for construction materials due to its competitive market prices and having a team of staff that deliver the best level of service. We manufacture and supply the best in home building and renovation products. We work with commercial builders, home builders, renovators and contractors in providing the best service. to Calgary homebuilders, renovators and contractors. We supply , install and repair drywall. We are professional supplier,and affordable installer.

Our Services

  • Drywall: We provide a large variety of high quality drywall from CertainTeed and have a team of professionals that deliver even to your basement without the hassle.
  • Insulation: We carry a range of different types and sizes of insulation from the top 3 insulation manufactures in Canada.
  • Finishing Products: We supply all the finishing products you will need to add the final touches to your renovation job or prep your 75 story building.
  • Steel Framing: We carry a range of Bailey Metal Products and if you need something customized we can arrange for the production of your product.
  • Ceiling Systems: We provide ceiling systems designed and rated for fire control, ceiling tile in dozens of patterns, sizes and colors, and T bar and grid style frames in a variety of finishes.
  • Roofing: Sunder carries a variety of colors and top tier brands that make sure your roof stays in the best condition for years.
  • Stucco: We carry top tier materials you need to run your Stucco business and produce top tier work.
  • Metal Products: We produce customized flashing and metal products to suit all your needs.